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Review for Echoes From Dawn Skies - Early Aviators: A Lost Manuscript Rediscovered

Author/Director : Frederick Warren Merriam

Format : Book

In the 1950's F. W. Merriam, a key figure in early British aviation before the First World War, wrote a manuscript of reminiscences of his friends and colleagues from those days. People like Hugh Short (of Shorts Brothers), Lord Brabazon, Alliott Verdon-Roe, and many others contributed memories of the trials and tribulations of building, flying and often crashing those very early machines with delightful detail and understatement. However the book remained unpublished at Merriam's death in 1956 and disappeared from view. Then recently, with the help of Merriam's granddaughter Sylvia and Mick Oakey of The Aviation Historian magazine, the manuscript was unearthed, rescued and at last published. This book is a gem, plain and simple. Wittily and engagingly written, each chapter brings some new anecdote from the people who were there at the beginning, with Aviator's Certificates (original pilot's licences) numbers in the low double or even single figures. The book is produced to a very high quality and contains lots of appropriate photos and illustrations, along with an appendix listing all of the people Merriam himself taught to fly from the iconic Brooklands aerodrome. For anyone interested in the early years of pre-war flight, this book is an absolute must.

Published by : Air World Books, 2021
ISBN : 978 1 52672 620 9

Review last updated : 2022-11-30 20:43:34

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