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Review for Armoured Warfare in the British Army 1939-1945

Author/Director : Dick Taylor

Format : Book

This is the second book in a three part series on Armoured Warfare by Dick Taylor. Part one has a good review on this site and this book is every bit as good. The enormous amount of research is presented in a easy readable way and would appeal to a large range of readers. The key story is the rapid development of both the hardware and the application of it brought about in the heat of warfare. The many failures including those of the senior commanders in the struggle to catch up with German tank warfare are clearly spelt out. The story is told by following the course of the war through the armoured units involved in the variety of campaigns. There are appendices on some technical aspects and a good and necessary glossary.
This is a book to settle down with for a good read or to use as a reference on armoured actions in World War Two. Roll on the third book of the series.

Published by : Pen & Sword Military, 2022
ISBN : 978 1 39908 103 0

Review last updated : 2023-01-02 14:44:46

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