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Review for The Decline of Empires in South Asia

Author/Director : Heather A Campbell

Format : Book

This book covers quite a niche subject in the history of what became known as "The Great Game" between the British Empire and the Russian Empire in South Asia. It focuses on the problems of imperial control over primarily Afghanistan in the years 1919-1923, and how the conflicts between the Indian government, the India Office, and the Foreign Office in London. It uses as a comparison the approaches taken during those same years in Persia, and while it covers a number of viewpoints, it largely revolves around Lord Curzon, his strong personality, and the mistakes it argues that he made because of it.
I found this book to be fascinating, and extremely thoroughly researched (the notes pages and bibliography are approximately one third of the book) but it is really quite academic and probably not for a casual reader.

Published by : Pen & Sword Military, 2022
ISBN : 97815267775801

Review last updated : 2022-11-30 20:17:25

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