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Mons [1709]

Battle Name : Mons [1709]

Date(s) : 06 September 1709 - 20 October 1709

Part of : The War of the Spanish Succession ,

Outcome : A victory for Marlborough's Allied Army over French Garrison

Type of battle : Land, Seige


Only a token investment was initially made but this seige was responsible for bringing the French to battle at Malplaquet. The full investment started on the 20th September and by the 26th trenches had been opened and heavy mortars were in action. Wet weather and French sorties hampered Allied action. On the 1st October a 30 gun seige battery opened fire. Little by little the seige went ahead in the classic manner. The protective works of two gates were in Allied hands by the 17th and at midday on the 20th Grimaldi, the Governor, sought terms of capitulation. The garrison were allowed the honours of war and were permitted to leave without their cannon.


The town of Mons, Belgium. (Belgium)