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Battle Name : Roliça

Date(s) : 17 August 1808

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , The Peninsular Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for British Peninsular Army over French Peninsular Army

Type of battle : Land


The first serious meeting between the British expeditionary force and the French. General Delaborde, with a division [5,000 men] of Junot's corps took up a strong defensive position to delay the far superior British force [13,000] under Wellesley [Wellington]. Due to a misinterpretation of orders the 29th foot, instead of moving to threaten out flanking attacked frontally up a steep slope. The French counter attack obliged Wellesley to send forward his whole line to rescue the 29th. The French were driven off in disorder leaving their guns and some equipment.


Town of Roliça approximately 50 miles north of Lisbon (Portugal)

Casualty figures

French Peninsular Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
600 (12.59%)

British Peninsular Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
441 (9.01%)