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The 1st Gulf War - 2ACR

A selection of photographs taken by Mark Puchala and other members of the US 2nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment during the 1st Gulf War, or Operation Desert Storm - the liberation of Kuwait.

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The wreckage of two US Bradley AFV's of the 2nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment, knocked out during operation Desert Storm, in the 1st Coalition's war against Iraq to liberate Kuwait.
The Iraq/Kuwait desert, 1991

An AMX 10 Light Tank of the French Foreign Legion, probably the 1st REC, as part of the Coalition forces against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Note that this useful item of light armour is wheeled, rather than tracked for speed and durability on roa...
Iraqi/Kuwait desert, 1991

An AMX 30, crewed by French Foreign Legionaires showing the human side of war. Even in war, kit and equipment needs to be maintained, and gun barrels can double as good clothes lines. It is armed with a French-made 105mm main gun, and a 20mm GIAT can...
Iraqi/Kuwait desert, 1991

A Cobra attack helicopter of the 4th squadron, 2nd Armoured Cavalry.
Kuwait/Iraqi desert, 1991

A good shot of a specialist mine clearance tank of the 2nd Armoured Cavalry Rgt. Taken after the Battle of 73rd Easting, some slight damage to the barrel shroud can be seen which was the result of a direct hit by a mortar round. The officer in the de...
Iraqi desert, 1991

Two images of armoured vehicles loaded aboard their transporters being moved into positions prior to attacking Iraqi defences during operation Desert Storm.
Saudi Arabia, The First Gulf War, 1991

These two images show the American Bradley AFV as used by the 2nd Armoured Cavalry and other units in the First Gulf War. The first image shows Iraqi prisoners stepping down from a Bradley having been given a 'lift' into captivity after surrendering....
Iraqi Desert, Operation Desert Storm, 1991

An M113 APC of 2nd Armoued Cavalry carrying a heavy mortar section, 'Ghost Troop'. The M113 has proved the US's most adaptable and longest lasting APC having been converted into many different versions, and been in service since the Vietnam War.
Operation Desert Storm, Iraqi desert, 1991

A long distance shot of an MLRS battery providing heavy artillery support during Operation Desert Storm.
Iraqi Desert, 1991

The wreck of an Iraqi T72 tank following the US left flanking attack into the Iraqi desert to surround and destroy Sadaam Hussein's Republican Guard units. The detail shows the damage caused by the depleted uranium tipped APFSDS (Sabot) rounds fired ...
Iraqi desert, 1991