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Review for From Arromanches to the Elbe

Author/Director : Charles More

Format : Book

This book is the story of the 144th Regt. Royal Armoured Corps and Marcus Cunliffe. It is based on war diaries, both official and unofficial, and later writings by the participants. There are some gripping well described passages about being in action. One can hardly imagine the feelings of the men involved during the attacks when tanks to left and right ‘brewed up’. These passages really hold the reader but the book as a whole doesn’t flow.
I felt that there was a confusion as to whether it is a regimental history or a section of a biography. The whole tries to do both but falls somewhere between the two. There are many interesting parts but in my view too many unhelpful repetitions and back references. It is as if the author is not sure of whether his audience are military history buffs or the general reader with a passing interest.
The photographs are of only moderate interest but the maps are very good indeed.
A curate’s egg of a book.

Published by : Frontline Books, 2019
ISBN : 978 152671 065 9

Review last updated : 2019-06-24 08:29:58

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