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Review for Luftwaffe Training Aircraft

Author/Director : Chris Goss

Format : Book

This is from the Air War Archive series and is subtitled "The training of Germany's pilots and aircrew through rare archive photographs", which is not a completely accurate description, but it is essentially 180 pages of assorted photographs of the crew and machines used in the training units of the Luftwaffe. There is a different chapter per aircraft manufacturer, and I assume dependant on the availability of images from the author's collection, the different chapters vary in length. Focke-Wulf, Heinkel, Junkers and Messerschmitt are all well represented but I might have liked a few more of the lesser known marques like Arado and Bucker but that could just be my preference. The last few chapters cover 'miscellaneous' types, including commandeered French makes, and a welcome chapter of photographs just of crew, in different situations. The text is sparse but perhaps sets the scene sufficiently to allow the images to speak. Lots of detail for enthusiasts, plenty of wrecks to suit creative model-makers (and the morbid!). A useful addition to the library.

Published by : Frontline Books, 2019
ISBN : 978-1-47389-952-0

Review last updated : 2019-06-25 18:25:21

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