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Review for The Power and the Glory

Author/Director : Steve Dunn

Format : Book

This is a novel view of the Royal Navy over most of its existence. Naval Reviews were the pulling together of the fleet to show the nation’s power and might ostensibly [even ostentatiously] to the monarch but to friends and potential enemies alike. The author has brought together a fascinating array of information not only about the ships but material ranging from the strategic background to the lunch menus. The result is a brilliant overview of our changing navy with a bonus of insight into the society of the time of change.
Photographs abound throughout the book and the text is lucid and engaging .
However for those, like me, who love the Royal Navy the full story is a tragedy. The book tells the nation’s story of increasing power until its zenith and then the steady decline to today’s level. This is also the navy’s story.
We highly commend this novel approach to naval history to all readers.

Published by : Seaforth Publishing, 2021
ISBN : 978 1 5267 6902 2

Review last updated : 2021-05-07 18:58:57

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