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Review for Wellington's Cavalry and Technical Corps, 1800-1815

Author/Director : Gabriele Esposito

Format : Book

At last we have the companion to Wellington’s Infantry by Gabriele Esposito [reviewed elsewhere on this site]. This book covers the Cavalry and Technical Corps 1800 to 1815 and includes the artillery arm. Naturally in a book of 130 pages the coverage of each unit is slight but sufficient, to build an overview of a whole wing of the army. The content is not confined to British troops but also covers foreign troops in British service and this includes the Kings German Legion.
The many illustrations showing a range of uniforms of different units are really excellent and the bibliography points the reader to further reading.
Bear in mind that the whole army is the subject and content is not limited to those who came under Wellington’s zone of command. Enjoy a jolly interesting read and put this book into your reference section for dipping into as the need arises or when you just feel like looking at some superb illustrations.
We strongly recommend this book.

Published by : Pen & Sword Military, 2021
ISBN : 978 1 39900 547 0

Review last updated : 2021-12-16 14:12:50

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