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Review for The Knights of Islam. The Wars of the Mamluks 1250-1517

Author/Director : James Waterson

Format : Book

A truly fascinating book about a very special group of people. James Waterson makes as clear as possible the complex history of the Middle East from 1250-1517 focusing on the Mamluks. So many influences, not least that of religion, were at work over much of Asia which led to considerable flux and conflict. Who was on the move Mongols, Turkomen, Crusaders? Who was leading them? What internal disputes did every group have at what time? For a significant period the Mamluks were unbeatable even when greatly out numbered how was this possible? Their demise is as interesting as their creation and being. This book answers so many important questions which keep the reader interested from cover to cover.
The well written text is supported by a set of useful maps, some beautiful illustrations and a strong bibliography.
This is a remarkable book which we highly recommend.

Published by : Greenhill Books, 2021
ISBN : 1784387614

Review last updated : 2022-06-08 11:44:30

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