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Book reviews for - Late Medieval and Renaissance

  • Crescent and Cross

    Bicheno. Hugh
    A superb book covering the Religio-political background to the Battle of Lepanto, through the battle to the consequences. Along the way Bicheno explodes many mis-conceptions about the battle as well as giving insights into the present factional warfare in former Yugoslavia. He conveys a real understanding of 16th Century warfare both the glamour and the gore.
    Phoenix, 2004
  • Sekigahara 1600

    Bryant, Anthony
    Some good maps, diagrams, and pictures with lots of information on this important battle in Japan which saw Tokugawa Ieyasu become Shogun.
    Osprey, 1995
  • Towton 1461, England's bloodiest battle

    Gravett, Christopher

    Osprey, 2003