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Book reviews for - 17th Century

  • The Dutch in the Medway

    P. G. Rogers
    Before reading this book you wonder why Seaforth would re-published a 1970 book. When you have finished it you'll say 'I'm glad they did'. The subject is one small but very important battle in the Second Anglo-Dutch war. The author places it in its historical context both the before and after. The writing style is such that reading it is easy, it is detailed enough for the military buff, but not at the expense of the general reader. The text is supported by sufficient maps and a few well chosen illustrations which includes a print of a contemporary map. The author's explanations and opinions are well supported by quotations, included in the text, from the writings of people at that time. His sources, listed at the end of the book, are many and varied.
    We thoroughly recommend this book.
    If you are left wanting to know more about the Royal Navy in the latter half of the Seventeenth century then 'Pepys's Navy' by J.D.Davies, reviewed elsewhere on this site, is the book for you.
    Seaforth Publishing. Pen and Sword Books Ltd., 2017
  • Pepy's Navy. Ships, Men and Warfare 1649-1689

    J D Davies
    As my Grandfather used to say when finishing a meal 'Well that's filled a gap!' This excellent book will fill a gap on many bookshelves covering, as it does, a fascinating period of naval development. It is well researched, beautifully illustrated and written in an easily read manner. By all means read it from cover to cover as I did but it will be found just as enjoyable if the reader dips in at any section. For anyone following through any themes in the history of the navy there is a bonus in that the author has tried to follow the layout of Brian Lavery's seminal work Nelson's Navy in order to compare and contrast the navy in these two significant periods of its history.
    This book is an impressive piece of work and is thoroughly recommended
    Seaforth publishing. Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2008
  • Cromwell's War Machine. The New Model Army 1645-1660

    Keith Roberts
    Cromwell's War Machine describes the tactics and organization of the armies of the English Civil war within a context. That context was the Eurpoean military scene varied experience of which was brought into this country by Officers and men who had fought as mercenaries in the various European wars. The reader gains an understanding not only of what but more fundamentally why things were as they were. Only one chapter is given over to the campaigns of the New Model army, which is the sole subject of many other works. The prose is lucid and flowing and the extensive footnotes [nearly five hundred] do not impinge upon the text.
    Highly recommended.
    Pen & Sword Military, 2005
  • The English Civil War

    Ashley, Maurice
    Overall work on all three English civil wars 1642 - 1651
    Sutton, 1996
  • The Defeat of James Stuart's Armada 1692

    Aubrey, Philip
    An account of the attempted invasion which falls between the Spanish Armada and Trafalgar and which is often overlooked. This book is well researched and well written. The detail maps of the unfolding of the action are particularly helpful.
    Leicester University Press, 1979
  • Arms and Armour of the English Civil Wars

    Blackmore, David
    Excellent, if thin, publication detailing the weapons, armour and equipment used during the English Civil War. Some fine photographs.
    Royal Armouries, 1990
  • Samuel Pepys, The Saviour of the Navy

    Bryant, Arthur

    Collins, 1949
  • Montrose

    Buchan, John
    A scholarly though readable book about a remarkable character. The man and the age come to life.
    Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., 1928
  • The Great Civil War

    Burne, Alfred H & Young, Peter
    Classic work, originally published in 1959, on the first English Civil War 1642 to 1646 written by two of the most acknowledged experts of the period.

    Concentrates primarily on the military rather than social history of the time, drawing on many first hand and contemporary accounts.
    Windrush Press, 1998
  • Warfare in the Seventeenth Century

    Childs, John
    Tons of information, extermely well illustrated. From the Cassell's History of Warfare Series
    Cassell & Co., 2001
  • The Civil War in Yorkshire, Fairfax vs Newcastle

    Cooke, David
    Good new work covering the Yorkshire battles of the Civil War and the struggle between the Earl of Newcastle and Lord Fairfax. Also includes a section giving suggested walks around several of the battlefields and plenty of photographs.
    Pen and Sword, 2004
  • A Nation Under Siege. The Civil War in Wales 1642-48

    Gaunt, Peter
    Produced by Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments, this is a nicely produced book on the Civil War as it affected Wales, a topic much neglected by many other books on the period. Although only 80 pages long it has some nice photographs, a reasonable amount of detail to the information and should make a valuable accompaniment to any visit to Wales.
    HMSO London, 1991
  • The Civil Wars. A Military History of England, Scotland and Ireland 1638-1660

    Kenyon, John and Ohlmeyer, Jane (Editors)
    A scholarly collection of essays by different authorities on aspects of the 17th Century civil wars. Valuable details.
    Oxford University Press, 1998
  • Atlas of the English Civil War

    Newman, P.R.
    Full of maps showing army movements throughout the different phases of the English Civil Wars with accompanying text explaining the maps. Appearing a little primitive and simplistic in some cases, still a valuable reference, and useful to build an impression of the flow of the war.
    Routledge, 1998
  • The Kings War 1641 - 1647

    Wedgwood, C.V.
    The mass of historical facts do not prevent the narrative running from beginning to end. Well worth a read.
    William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd., 1958
  • The Great and Close Siege of York 1644

    Wenham, Peter
    Inspired by Peter Wenham's archeological digs around York, this is the definitive study of the Siege of York pulling together first hand accounts as well as archeological evidence. Covers data from various digs on the city's outworks or 'sconces' built for artillery to protect the approaches.
    Roundwood Press, 1970
  • Battles of the English Civil War

    Woolrych, Austin

    B. T. Batsford Ltd., 1961
  • Leaders of the English Civil War

    Not known
    A set of over 100 biographies of the main figures of the Civil War including generals, political figures and prominent citizens. A very handy reference.