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Book reviews for - 18th Century

  • Culloden 1746

    Stuart Reid
    This book is not simply a guide to the battlefield it does much more. The first six chapters are an excellent account of the development of the battle, chapter seven compares the two armies, their similarities and differences, while the final chapter gives advice and guidance on visiting the battle field today. There is an abundance of photographs and drawings, I particularly like the contemporary sketches of individuals engaged in the battle. The twelve maps of the battlefield, each a double page spread and all on the same template, show the movement of the forces. The map of the battlefield today is also on that template. This is a super idea allowing the reader to make immediate comparisons without having to adjust for scale or displacement.
    This, the third edition of this book, has been updated to take in the latest archaeological and documentary discoveries. It remains a slim volume of 156 pages and therefore is of ideal size to slip into a rucksack for a visit to the battlefield.
    Whether visiting the battlefield or just wanting to read a straightforward introduction to the battle this book is highly recommended.

    Pen & Sword Military. Pen & Sword \Books \Ltd., 2018
  • The Global Seven Years War

    Daniel Baugh
    This book is no lightweight with 665 pages of really 'meaty' text and a further 81 pages of supporting notes and index. The content covers, in depth, the full nine years of the Seven Years War. The military, naval and the political aspects with their necessary interactions are well covered. The character, motivation and machinations of the leading figures are described as are the resultant effects. The book is without illustrations but has seventeen supporting maps. The narrative flows easily and logically and pages once started are difficult to put down because always there is something interesting coming next. The vast majority of the text is free from the author's opinions and comments which are reserved for the long final chapter.
    A war of four continents and seven oceans in one excellent readable book.
    Routledge, 2014
  • Peter the Great. His life and world.

    Massie. Robert K.
    Peter and the age in which he lived come alive again on these pages. Better than the reviews which are printed on the cover. An in depth study of a complex man and a fascinating insight into the world at that time.
    Phoenix Press, 2001
  • Marlborough as Military Commander

    Chandler, David
    Classic David Chandler, well written text appropriately supported by maps and illustrations. Superb.
    The Military Book Society, 1973
  • Great and Glorious Days

    Falkner James
    Marlborough's battles 1704-09.
    Spellmount, 2002
  • The Seven Years War

    Furneaux, Rupert
    An overview of some of the important events in the Seven Years War.
    Hart-Davis, MacGibbon Ltd., 1973
  • Precursors of Nelson. British Admirals of the Eighteenth Century

    Le Fevre, Peter & Harding, Richard. Eds.
    This book places Nelson where he belongs, not as an isolated phenomenon, but as the outstanding culmination of a century of development and tradition. The lives and works of sixteen admirals are discussed. Not only the work of the fighting admirals but also their contribution to the organization and administration of the Admiralty, to ship design and building, to communications, to fleet organization and naval tactics are considered in these essays. Good reading.
    Chatham Publishing, 2000
  • Uniforms of the American Revolution in Colour

    Mollo, John
    Not only the uniforms, illustrated in great detail by Malcolm McGregor, but also a brief account of the men who wore them and the actions they were in.
    Blanford Press, 1975
  • Montcalm and Wolfe; The French and Indian War

    Parkman, Francis
    Francis Parkman wrote this book in 1884 and since then it has been published many times. The foreword by C. Vann Woodward places the views expressed by Parkman in their context, with those caveats in mind this is excellent reading.
    Da Capo Press, 1884/2001
  • Culloden

    Prebble, John
    History doesn't get much more involving than this. Thoroughly researched beautifully told.
    Penguin Books 1967, 1961
  • Peter the Great. His Life and World.

    Robert K. Massie
    Better than the reviews which are printed on the cover. An in depth study of a complex man and a fascinating insight into the world at that time.
    Phoenix Press Paperback, 1980
  • Battles of the '45

    Tomasson, Katherine & Buist, Francis
    Thoroughly researched and well written acconts of the last battles fought on British soil.
    Pan Books Ltd., 1967