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Review for The Badges of Kitchener's Army

Author/Director : David Bilton

Format : Book

This book has the wow! factor. Packed full of information, a real reference gem.
In its 351 pages, the badges of sixty nine infantry regiments are covered with explanatory text and over a thousand illustrations. Also, oft neglected, Divisional and Brigade badges are included. Every one of the illustrations of badges and of men wearing them is an original photograph. The text, often as an annotation to a photograph, is fully informative and where the author doesn’t have the necessary knowledge he says so. I rather fear that, after his thirty years research, if David Bilton doesn’t know then it is unlikely that the knowledge is anywhere to be found.
This book will be of interest to many people from the person with a passing interest to the most knowledgeable collector. I defy anyone who picks it up intending to look at one regiment to put it down with out looking at a few more.
We highly recommend this invaluable research tool.

Published by : Pen & Sword Military, 2018
ISBN : 978-1-47383-366-1

Review last updated : 2018-11-16 14:35:17

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