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Review for Eben-Emael & the Defence of Fortress Belgium 1940

Author/Director : Clayton Donnell

Format : Book

A well told, detailed story of dogged determination and immense courage of elements of the Belgian army. This is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the beginning of World War Two. The forts of Liege and Namur significantly contributed by their damaging effect on the Blitzkrieg. The last of the forts to surrender fell while the evacuation of the British from Dunkirk was in progress such was their tenacity.
The maps and illustrations are all of the same high standard as the text. The full glossary, list of abbreviations and equivalent ranks further aid the readers understanding. The main title is less than the book deserves as this book is about the full works of fortress Belgium.
We highly recommend Clayton Donnell’s work to you.

Published by : Pen & Sword Military, 2021
ISBN : 978 1 52677 982 3

Review last updated : 2021-12-14 16:40:15

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