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Review for Naval Battles of the Second World War

Author/Director : Leo Marriott

Format : Book

This is a really good read. Together with a companion volume every major naval action of the Second World war is covered. Necessarily the coverage is brief for example the battle of the Atlantic has five pages of text, but every entry is supported with photographs and a map. The author’s intention was to produce a basic guide and in this he has succeeded superbly. For those whose appetites have been whetted the selected bibliography guides them to more extensive descriptions of the battles.
This is a perfect introduction for anyone new to this field but the ‘old hands’ can still get a lot from it. We highly recommend Leo Marriott’s book.

Published by : Pen & Sword Maritime, 2022
ISBN : 978 1 39909 893 9

Review last updated : 2022-05-16 09:27:41

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