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Review for Salamanca

Author/Director : Battlefield History TV Team

Format : Book

The battle of Salamanca in 1812 is one of Wellington’s most artful victories. In a series of manoeuvres against Marmont’s Army of Portugal Wellington waited for his opponent to make a mistake. When he saw the error he exclaimed ‘That will do, by God’ and acted decisively. This DVD captures the drama of that event using maps, pictures, re-enactors and expert explanations. There is more talk indoors than in other DVDs from this publisher but this is redeemed by the excellent location filming and the explanations given on site.
This DVD is part of the Peninsular Collection of films and its general impact on the war as a whole, as well as the precursors which allowed it to happen, are discussed.
Well worth watching.

Published by : Pen & Sword Digital, 2012

Review last updated : 2019-01-10 09:01:22

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